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The Meaning of
the "Four of Pentacles" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

Force of Nature
A coming together of powerful energies. A confluence of power which overcomes limitations that had existed previously. A beneficial coincidence.

What is the inverted meaning of
the "Four of Pentacles"?

A perfect storm. An unfortunate coincidence for which one is not prepared.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in the "Four of Pentacles" Tarot Card:

A short looking man sits on a hard chair, cradling one of his pentacles in his arms, and planting his feet firmly on two more. The only one that is unsecured is on his head. He is in command of his wealth, perhaps a bit too firmly so. He is not a king but a minor nobleman, from the cut of his clothing and the small stature of his throne. A large town is in the background.

The Meaning of the "Four of Pentacles" Tarot Card:

Ability to manage money properly may yield future results. One has to be careful with how closely they hold their wealth, as they may be perceived as miserly by the rest of the world. The man in this card wants to be the King of Pentacles, but is not yet because he is forgetting about the fertility of wealth - the need to invest to make wealth grow. Also a gift, legacy, or inheritance may come from a person that you previously thought to be stingy. A coming together of various forces for the benefit of the individual.

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