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The Meaning of
"The High Priestess" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

A time to search one's inner self. A time of quiet reflection. Intuition can at times, be more powerful than logic. The answer lies deep within and will require much thought and soul searching.

What is the inverted meaning of
"The High Priestess"?

Self awareness has already come. No more meditation is required. The time for actions is now. Ideas must be turned into reality.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in "The High Priestess" Tarot Card:

The marriage of Judeo-Christian and pagan elements in this card is purposeful. Tucked into her robe is a copy of the Torah, one of the main Hebrew mystical texts. On her chest is an equilateral Greek cross, which is a reference both to the Christian religion and to harmony in the universe through a perfect balance of spirit and nature. On her head is the crown of Isis, the Egyptian mother goddess, and at her feet is a crescent moon, a traditional symbol of female spirituality. Pomegranates have held many meanings in many different cultures, but in this card their Hebrew symbolism is most appropriate - they are a symbol of righteousness as each is supposed to have 613 seeds which correspond to the 613 commandments of the Torah. On either side of her are the twin pillars of the Temple of Solomon of Hebrew mythology, Jakin and Boaz. The letters on each are the colour of the other pillar, reflecting the qualities of each pillar in the other.

The Meaning of "The High Priestess" Tarot Card:

It is easy to get confused by all of the seemingly conflicting symbols in this card. However, they are all there for a reason - to symbolize the High Priestess as the earthly embodiment of all religions, and the Divine. She represents the feminine Divine, everything that is mystical or secret about the realm of the Spirit. She is the inward expression of all of the Western Religions and Mystery Traditions, where the Hierophant is the outward expression of those same institutions. Darkness, mystery, the necessity to internalize in order to self-determine. This is not the withdrawal from society in the permanent sense of the hermit, but a temporary withdrawal in order to understand one's inner self or a particular situation. Inner wisdom that can only be achieved through reflection, and which words cannot describe. Intuitive understanding of a problem or a situation. Where the magician is about action, the High Priestess is about potential, and the inner capacity that one has spiritually. It may also represent occult forces at work in the person's life, such as clairvoyance or anything belonging to the unknown.

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