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The Meaning of
"The Magician" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

True originality. Masterful execution. A solution to a problem that is original and well performed. One who is capable of accomplishing something that would be impossible for many others.

What is the inverted meaning of
"The Magician"?

One who copies others. A fake or phoney. A failed attempt at deception. A poser or pretender. Ineptitude.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in "The Magician" Tarot Card:

A grave youth holds a wand aloft in one hand, and points downward to the ground with his other hand. An infinity symbol is suspended in the air above his head, and he wears the vestments of a pagan priest. Flowers form an archway over the card, and obscure his legs. Before him on table are the four tools of the suits - a wand, a cup, a pentacle, and a sword. Another symbol of eternity, the snake eating its own tail (the ouroboros), binds his waist.

The Meaning of "The Magician" Tarot Card:

The creator of this Tarot deck refers to the infinity symbol as a sign of the Holy Spirit. Through his gesture, the Magician is performing an act of transmutation from spirit to matter - joining the spirit to the physical. The esoteric doctrine of "As Above, So Below" is embodied in the image of the Magician. The ouroboros at his waist and the infinity symbol over his head are both symbols of eternity and spirit, and the flowers at his feet symbolize the fertility of the material plane after the Magician has brought to it an abundance of spirit. This card showcases the divine spark in Man, the capabilities that are present in every single one of us to perform acts of "magic" in our lives. The Magician is pure willpower. It is also a card of action, of setting plans into definite motion. The energy that the Magician is channeling is useless unless it is being directed at something. This card is all about turning dreams into reality, and getting things started and done. The Magician also teaches awareness of our creative energies and spirit. A lot of people plod through their everyday lives, never doing anything more beyond what they have learned by rote. It is very easy to step out of this simply through the individual becoming aware of what more they are capable of, and then channeling that awareness into action. However, the person in the card is considered a magic worker because not very many people are actually capable of stepping outside of themselves like this and realizing their potential. As such, this card represents a person that can do things that may seem insurmountable to others. The Magician here is a lightning rod for Spirit. Something is about to change, wonderfully so, in the person's life, through their own actions. If a plan has been set into motion, it is absolutely the right path to be on.

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