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The Meaning of
"The Moon" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

Dreams often hold answers that the logical mind does not. Intuition is often brilliant, lighting the night. Act with your heart and your soul. Logic will be clear to you later.

What is the inverted meaning of
"The Moon"?

Dreams inspire but also deceive. The moon rules all dreams, those prophetic and those that are mere fantasy. You must decide.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in "The Moon" Tarot Card:

The gateway which is off in the background of the Death card is here featured prominently, only here one is looking back into the world rather than looking into the otherworld. Two towers flank the moon on either side. The countenance in the moon is stern, and a dog and a wolf bark and howl at it. A lobster, the sign of Cancer, raises its claws to the moon from the watery foreground - a path leads directly from the water to the rising hills beyond. Sixteen rays emanate from the moon directly, and sixteen more fall in the form of "Yod" symbols to the earth.

The Meaning of "The Moon" Tarot Card:

Life of the mind separate from life of the spirit. The path between the towers is a path into the unknown; the dog and the wolf represent the fears of walking down that path and one's animal nature. The pool may be viewed as the other side of the pool from the Star card, but this is the way back from that place. In order to leave the world of the spirit and unconscious, one must walk where one usually fears to tread. This card explores the appeal of the Moon to our baser, more animal instincts. The dog barks at the moon, and the wolf howls. Both are also expressions of lunacy, or madness. To walk down the path in the card truly is madness in all senses of the word - one is setting off into the dark, into the unknown. One must be crazy to do it, but it is the only path out. If it is not taken, the only way is back to the base animal with no senses at all, the lobster, through the water. What is at the end of the path? The point of this card is that we can't know. It is hidden, it is a mystery. It will only be revealed if one can overcome the fear of the unknown that keeps one at the same level as the animals. The "Yod" symbols reveal that there will be divine assistance for those who choose to walk the path, and they will come to no harm. This card signifies an excitement of the subconscious. There will be dreams, hallucinations, and other foresights in the individual's future. Instincts should be listened to. The creative spirit and imagination will enrich the individual's life - they just need to accept it and let it happen.

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