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The Meaning of
the "Page of Swords" Tarot Card

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What is the inverted meaning of
the "Page of Swords"?

The Meaning of the "Page of Swords"
Tarot Card

The Symbolism of the Page of Swords

On the Page of Swords tarot card, a young man stands outdoors holding his sword in the air. His touseled hair, and the direction he is leaning suggest that a strong wind is blowing.

As with the other court cards in the Suit of Swords, most of the background is taken up with clouds and sky. This emphasis on sky reinforces the association of the Swords suit with the element of Air — as do the birds overhead.

Beneath the Page's feet, we see bright green fields, symbolizing fertility and fresh ideas. Before him lie mountains, symbolizing challenges. The low-lying position of the mountains suggests these challenges are not daunting for the Page.

...the Page is not looking at the challenges before him, but off into the distance in the opposite direction

The most interesting visual aspect of the card is that the Page is not looking at the challenges before him, but off into the distance in the opposite direction.

As with all the cards in the Suit of Swords, the direction of the swords indicates a strong positive or negative meaning to the card. In this case, the upward direction in which the Page's sword is pointing symbolizes positivity and forward motion.

How to Interpret the Page of Swords

As with all of the court cards in the tarot deck, the Page of Swords may represent an actual person.

The Page of Swords is characterized by endearing enthusiasm and enduring energy.

The Page of Swords is characterized by endearing enthusiasm and enduring energy. He's always rearing to go with new plans and projects. His energy can be infectious, and his ability to jump from one project to another is remarkable.

When the Page of Swords isn't referencing a specific person, the card represents similar ideals to the Page himself: Energy, enthusiasm and a boundless passion for new things.

The Suit of Swords is associated with the mind and cognitive ability, so new ideas represented by the Page are often interesting and appeal to the intellect.

If the Page of Swords appears in a reading it's a positive sign for new projects, new relationships and new channels of communication. New strategies and new opportunities may also be referenced here.

Keep in mind however, that the Page might be looking over his shoulder too much and not concentrating as much as he should on the projects before him. All that enthusiasm can sometimes mean a lack of consistency.

Generally speaking, the Page of Swords is a very positive card. It also carries overtones of travel, clear communication, honesty, outdoor activities and creative ability.

The Page of Swords Inverted

The reversed Page of Swords, like the upright position, may represent a real person in your readings. And like the upright position, the reversed Page of Swords also references someone with talent and enthusiasm — unfortunately that enthusiasm ends up unfocused and scattered.

We've all known people like the reversed Page of Swords represents: They're incapable of making decisions. They're constantly changing their minds, and they swith back and forth between options in an endless cycle of indecision.

There's a decision somewhere that's just not getting the clean, clear answer it deserves.

When the Page of Swords isn't representing a person, it generally represents a similar dilemma: There's a decision somewhere that's just not getting the clean, clear answer it deserves.

Another common trait of the Page of Pentacles is that his decisions are overly influenced by others. In an effort to make everyone around him happy, he ends up having no direction of his own. His own goals take a back seat to external influences.

When the Page of Pentacles appears in an inversed position, it's often a gentle reminder that someone needs to make a clear, clean and personal decision that comes from the heart.

Don't dally, and don't let other agendas cloud inner judgement.

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