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The Meaning of
the "Queen of Wands" Tarot Card

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What is the inverted meaning of
the "Queen of Wands"?

The Meaning of the "Queen of Wands"
Tarot Card

The Symbolism of the Queen of Wands

A proud, confident and regal woman sits on an ornate throne, decorated with lions and sunflowers.

The lions symbolize both the Queen's right to rule, and her fierce and proud demeanor.

The lions on the throne above her head are drawn like a traditional royal crest, symbolizing family lineage. The lions are colored a firey-red color reminding us that the Suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire.

The lions on the throne above her head are drawn like a traditional royal crest, symbolizing family lineage.

In the Queen's left hand she holds a sunflower, symbolizing both fertility and a deep spiritual happiness. Notably, the center of the sunflower is colored red and not the traditional deep brown color — again, reminding us of her association with fire.

In the Queen's right hand is her wand. It stands firmly on the stone plinth beneath her throne, signifying solidity, strength and power.

The cat in the picture seems almost out of place — and yet it looks directly ahead while the Queen herself seems preoccupied. The base of the Queen's wand sits immediately next to the cat, suggesting that the source of the Queen's power may be tied to mystery, magic and deep intuition.

NOTE: The meaning of the mysterious black cat on the Queen of Wands card is a subject of debate. Because the Tarot merges the images of different cultures from Egyptian hieroglyphs, to Judeo-Christian imagery, to European paganism, the question must be asked: Which culture's black cat is this? In Scottish lore, a black cat signifies prosperity. In Celtic lore, black cats are physical forms chosen by fairies. In Wicca and witchcraft, black cats are considered familiars. Wives of sailors on the other hand, considered black cats to be extremely lucky. And in ancient Egyptian mysticism, black cats were associated with the afterlife. So what should we make of the black cat here on the Queen of Wands card? Most tarot readers agree that the cat represents mystery and magic, and that the Queen's energy and the cat's energy are somehow connected. The rest of the interpretation is up to you.

NOTE: While it might not mean much in the twenty-first century, the position of the Queen's knees was meaningful at the time the Queen of Wands card was illustrated. In a risqué posture that might be described today as "manspreading", for a woman to sit this way was seen as a break from social norms. The posture signifies a powerful woman who is unbound by social restrictions — and who could break the bounds of what was expected of women at the time.

How to Interpret the Queen of Wands

All of the court cards in the Tarot can be interpreted as an actual person, known to the reader. In other cases, the card may reference certain qualities belonging to the royal depicted on the card.

... a powerful, confident, firey woman who is both strong and wise. She is an extroverted socialite and loves being the center of attention

The Queen of Wands is a powerful, confident, firey woman who is both strong and wise. She is an extroverted socialite and loves being the center of attention, but the Queen also has a hidden or unknown side — as is symbolized by the mysterious cat at her feet and the cryptic smile on her face.

She is highly focused on her objectives, and is not hesitant to use the full range of her powers to achieve her goals.

When not referencing an actual person in a tarot reading, the Queen of Wands typically points to certain approaches to a situation or past and future events which exemplify the Queen's character:

The card often signifies a bold and fearless approach to a situation. It carries an emphasis on social contacts and succesful leveraging of connections.

As a highly intelligent and influential woman, the card points to success at bringing others around to one's point of view, or gaining followers to an idea.

Lastly, the black cat points to a mysterious side to the card — possibly indicating a time of hidden emotions and circumstances.

Generally speaking, the Queen of Wands is a very positive card. It indicates a bold and successful approach; where insight, social ability and deeper intuition combine for stong decisions. It carries overtones of strong management, good investments, job advancement and wise parenting.

The Queen of Wands Inverted

The reversed Queen of Wands card may have several possible interpretations.

No matter how outgoing and social someone is, there are times when a period of quiet introspection and soul-seeking is needed ...

One common meaning is of an introverted period for an extroverted person. No matter how outgoing and social someone is, there are times when a period of quiet introspection and soul-seeking is needed — if not necessary.

The appearance of the reversed Queen of Wands may point to such a time. Or it may serve as a gentle warning that someone is spending too much time socializing. All that time being out-and-about is causing a disconnect with something inside. A little alone-time may be needed to correct that imbalance.

The inverted Queen of Wands may also represent someone who pursues a social or a "connections oriented" solution to problems. The card invites us to question whether or not that direction is the best approach.

Lastly, in some cases the card may indicate a social misstep, or a social faux-pas. Perhaps something was said that should not have been said — or circumstances lead to an awkward social situation.

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