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The Meaning of
the "Six of Wands" Tarot Card

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What is the inverted meaning of
the "Six of Wands"?

The Meaning of the "Six of Wands"
Tarot Card

The Symbolism of the Six of Wands

On the Six of Wands, we see a the triumphant return of a hero. He wears a wreath signifying victory on his head, and another victory-wreath tops the wand in his left hand.

The hero sits on a white horse which is draped in ceremonial dressage. The white horse symbolizes purity, and the ceremonial dress suggests a momentous occasion.

The horse and rider trot before an assembled crowd — who hold another five wands in the air as if cheering in a salute of victory.

The posture of the rider and the position of his horse's draped foreleg suggest a formal gait, indicating that this may be an official recognition of some kind.

How to Interpret the Six of Wands

The Six of Wands suggests that a victory, either large or small, has been achieved. Life is filled with waypoints and milesones, and the appearance of the Six of Wands suggests that one has been reached.

The Six of Wands may also herald the arrival of good news, scholastic achievement or financial gains.

The Six of Wands may also herald the arrival of good news, scholastic achievement or financial gains.

What sets the Six of Wands apart it suggests a time of public recognition for achievement, not just the achievement itself. When the Six of Wands appears in a reading, it may suggest that some formalized or official award. It may also indicate an academic achievement, profesional advancement or a good score of some kind.

Generally speaking, the Six of Wands is an extremely positive card. It carries overtones of hard work, politics, salary increases and references to the news media or professional journals.

The Six of Wands Inverted

There are a couple ways of reading the reversed Six of Wands card. One of them is quite positive, the other one less so:

... the inverted Six of Wands references an accomplishment or an ability which goes unnoticed ...

In most cases, the inverted Six of Wands references an accomplishment or an ability which goes unnoticed. This may be a personal skill or area of training which receives little recognition, or it may be an achievement or a victory which didn't quite get the standing ovation somebody was hoping for.

This type of unrecognized achievement can be frustrating and lead to feelings that one has been ignored or intentionally passed-over.

A more positive interpretation of the Six of Wands reversed is that it references a personal or inner accomplishment. Maybe somebody lost five pounds. Maybe somebody managed to quit drinking that third cup of coffee. Maybe somebody hit a new benchmark during their private workout.

Whatever the accomplishment is, it's not something that needs acknowledgement. It's the kind of milestone that is its own reward. Just knowing that it happened is all we need.

Common Symbols Found On the Six of Wands Card

Tarot cards often use a language of symbols to illustrate hints about the cards. The Six of Wands contains one well-known, repeating Tarot symbol. This common symbol can add an greater dimension of meaning to the card.

A common symbol which appears on the Six of Wands card is:

  • Garlands

    Garlands symbolism appears on the Six of Wands card:

    The imagery of garlands and rings of flowers is used frequently on many cards of the classic Rider Waite deck. Garlands of flowers, leaves and fruit are a representation of happiness, success and and the power of the natural world. In other cases, the presence of garlands may also indicate a ceremony or some form of official recognition.

    NOTE: The two garlands in the Six of Wands are garlands of laurel leaves. Laurel crowns are an ancient symbol of victory in conflict. While the two garlands in the Six of Wands share the traditional garland meaning of success, happiness and plenty, these garlands carry the additional meaning of success after a competition or challenge.

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