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The Meaning of
"The Sun" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

The Sun is the source of all growth and progress. Happiness and joy are powerfully represented here. An environment of positive growth and change. All things are easy to see. The sky becomes clear.

What is the inverted meaning of
"The Sun"?

The Sun fades behind a darkening sky. Growth slows. Emotional energy grows darker. Clarity becomes more difficult as the sun fades.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in "The Sun" Tarot Card:

A large sun with a passive face overlooks the entire scene. A joyous youth rides a horse, holding an enormous banner in his hand. A stone wall is behind him, out of the top of which can be seen enormous sunflowers.

The Meaning of "The Sun" Tarot Card:

Simplicity. Joy. Everything that was previously obscured in the Moon card is now clear. The path back has been taken and the youth now rides into his hometown, triumphant on his return. The pure heart of a child and the sun symbolism signify a rebirth into joy, a final completeness that one has been seeking for a very long time. This is the light of the spirit made manifest in daily life. In this card the child is representative of humanity, as being the children of a divine higher power. The Sun gazes down on the child impassively, but protectively. His rays imbue the child and the flowers with life and happiness. The child has gone through the process of enlightenment and is now a "whole" being - meaning that they have unified the spiritual, the physical, and the emotional through various experiences, and this card shows their moment of triumph. The stone wall in the background is the former, repressed way of living, everything bound by stone and granite. The wall is now behind the youth, and he will never go back. He has been liberated from a consciousness restricted by society, materialism, and everything else that he has shaken off by reverting to this childlike state. The youth is also now an empty vessel, being filled by the light of the rays of the sun. He is ready to receive any further blessings that may come his way. Joy, beauty, the pure simplicity of life. Happiness will come to the individual very shortly. A new way of looking at a situation. Everything is positive and powerful with this card. Energy will infuse a situation and galvanize everyone into positive action.

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