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The Meaning of
the "Three of Cups" Tarot Card

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Tarot Quick Info

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

An abundance of emotion and communication. A freedom of expression. The 3 of Cups represents good friendships, and an enjoyment and celebration of life.

What is the inverted meaning of
the "Three of Cups"?

Over-indulgence. Something has gone too far or consumed too much. A giving, or a taking has been overdone.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in the "Three of Cups" Tarot Card:

Three women dance in a celebratory manner, their arms entwined about each other and their cups raised in wassail. A bountiful harvest is in the ground at their feet. The Three Graces, or the Three Fates, depending on your point of view. Garlands adorn the hair of two of the women, and the third's is secured into a ponytail. All are the picture of feminine beauty.

The Meaning of the "Three of Cups" Tarot Card:

Female fertility. Celebration. This is not the perfunctory celebration of the Four of Wands, but a celebration that calls for "dancing in the streets". A very large achievement in the arena of creativity or art. The achievement of health after a period of healing. The attainment of a desired relationship or liaison. Solid and good friendships, the ability to share both emotionally and spiritually with those around you. A healthy, well-rounded individual who celebrates their desires and achievements rather than suppressing them. The individual has succeeded at something, and can build on it as a lasting foundation.

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