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The Meaning of
the "Two of Pentacles" Tarot Card

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Quick Tarot Meanings:

A smooth interplay of interconnected forces leads to an energy greater than each independent part. Teamwork. Excellent communication. Collaborative success.

What is the inverted meaning of
the "Two of Pentacles"?

Imbalance. Too little focus on one area, too much on another. An unfair agreement.

Advanced tarot interpretation

(Applies to the upright position)

The Symbolism in the "Two of Pentacles" Tarot Card:

A youth who bears a resemblance to a jester is juggling two pentacles within an apparatus of ribbon that is an infinity symbol. Ships are in danger of capsizing on stormy seas behind him, despite clear skies. This is a rare kind of card with water imagery in an earth-based suit. The whole picture is one of uncontrolled, inebriated motion. Rolling back and forth.

The Meaning of the "Two of Pentacles" Tarot Card:

Perhaps too much of a juggling act is taking place right now, despite the lack of a multitude of items to juggle. Also can refer to the energy perpetuated by motion - momentum is building towards something, the person involved just needs to know how to direct it in order to capitalize on it. One who is fun-loving, and who has a devil-may-care attitude about wealth and work. Often these individuals are the best to work with, and have excellent ideas.

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