The "Does My Ex Miss Me?" Tarot Reading

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How to Do A
"Does My Ex Miss Me?"
Tarot Reading

does my ex miss me tarot reading

This Does My Ex Miss Me? tarot spread is perfect for exploring the possibility of rekindling an old romantic flame. With just 4-cards, the tarot spread is easy enough for beginners, but yields results which are rich enough to keep expert tarot readers happy.

The reading is also sometimes called "Does he miss me" or "Does she miss me".

One important thing to keep in mind with this tarot reading: It separates the ideas of "thoughts" and "feelings" into two separate cards. In this case, "thoughts" is really non romantic thoughts. These are perceptions and assessments of you as a partner and as a person.

The second card, or "Feelings" is where romantic thoughts about your relationship come in. These are traditional thoughts and emotions associated with romantic relationships.

You can do the Does My Ex Miss Me love-tarot reading using any tarot deck, using the placement meanings in the table below, or click the green button for a free online version of this tarot reading.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Does My Ex Miss Me?" spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Does My Ex Miss Me?" Tarot Spread

Remember that "court cards", which are traditionally the Page, Knight, Queen and King tarot cards in the tarot deck, often represent actual people and not just concepts. In love tarot readings like Does My Ex Miss Me, the appearance of a court card may represent you, another lover, a family member, a person of authority, or any other person who has influence over your partner.

Also, keep in mind that the Does My Ex Miss Me tarot reading is intended for those whose prior relationship is over or at least "on pause". It's not typically used to ask whether a current romantic interest is thinking about you. Likewise, if you still haven't met your soul mate and you're still looking, try the Soulmates Tarot Reading.

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