The "Fast Love Reading" Tarot Reading

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How to Do A
"Fast Love Reading"
Tarot Reading

There are many excellent "love tarot" readings, but this simple reading is one of the easiest to learn, and quickest to perform. It offers three important insights, and usually takes less than 3 minutes.

The spread is appropriate for married couples, short-term relationships, and potential love-interests.

If you're using your own set of tarot cards, remember to consider the symbolism and card-associations unique to your cards.

Also keep in mind that with a tarot reading this simple, the cards may represent current, changing or short-term forces which may temporarilly affect you or your partner.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Fast Love Reading" Tarot Spread

If you're doing simple love readings like this for new couples or potential relationships, pay close attention to romantic compatibility indicators like the associated astrological signs, associated elements and other compatibility points.

If you're doing this reading for a long-term relationship or marriage, treat this tarot spread as a short term indicator of the immediate future, or of passing, short-term forces which may influence the relationship.

This is just one of iFate's easy 3-card tarot readings. 3-card readings are generally very easy, and are perfect for beginners who are learning tarot. For a more in-depth or serious reading, try a larger tarot spread with more card placements.

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