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How to Do A
"Great House"
Tarot Reading

In the 18th century salons of Paris, famed tarot readers would use this versatile tarot spread to offer readings to French aristocracy. The Great House or La Grande Maison is a relatively easy spread, but makes an excellent starting point for gaining new insights and perspectives.

What makes The Great House such an excellent tarot spread is that it can be applied to nearly any situation or problem. While it can be applied to romantic situations, it generally isn't. More typically it is applied to more general challenges and life objectives.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Great House" spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Great House" Tarot Spread

The meaning of the final card position in The Great House tarot spread is a subject of some debate among readers: The placement-meaning "Wholeness" is often also referred to as "Resolution", but this title is often misleading as it implies that a resolution is possible -- or that the placement represents something final or unchangeable.

If you're doing this tarot reading on your own (or using a free online reading) you can interpret the card however you prefer. Some common meanings assigned to the last card position by other tarot readers are: "Resolution", "Outcomes", "Wholeness", "Long Term Outlook", and "Divine Intent". The choice is yours.

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