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Ask any psychic or tarot card reader what the most common questions they hear are, and you'll hear the same answer: After questions about love the most commonly asked tarot topic is money. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that there are dozens, if not hundreds of tarot spreads which deal with money, busines and finance.

While there are many complex tarot spreads for money topics like mortgages, credit card debt and other money-related issues, this simple 5-card spread is general enough to cover almost any financial situation — and easy enough that even a beginner should be able to do a self-reading without much difficulty.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the Money spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Money" Tarot Spread

First, to repeat the message conttained in the fine print in the footer of this site: Nothing on this website constitutes financial, legal, medical or other advice. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

Now that we have that out of the way, keep in mind that a money tarot reading is often regarded differently from other reading topics. After all, no amount of spiritual advice is going to change the realities of finances and debt. No tarot card is a magic spell which can increase salaries or negate credit card debt.

The point to remember however, is that our behavior and our personalities are a large part of what makes debt happen in the first place.

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Understanding our personal relationship with money is an important part of understanding what we spend money on — and why all of us make financial mistakes.

Above all else, tarot cards are an excellent tool for personal insight and self-help.

When doing tarot card readings about finance and money, it's important to focus on the self-analysis side of Tarot. By using the cards as a tool to better understand oneself, the long-term benefits to self awareness and financial awareness can be profound.

This is just one of iFate's tarot card readings about careers and personal finance. For more tarot spreads visit iFate's complete list of tarot spreads, or the main free tarot reading application.

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