The "Past, Present & Future" Tarot Reading

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How to Do A
"Past, Present & Future"
Tarot Reading

The Past, Present and Future tarot reading is one of the simplest and most popular tarot spreads in the world.

Consisting of only 3 cards, the spread is easy to learn and simple to interpret.

One thing to keep in mind when working with this tarot spread: The Past, Present and Future reading isn't just about your own past or future, but may represent the past, present or future of any situation or dynamic.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the spread:

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Most people will ask the tarot cards things like, "Tell me about my past present or future", but it's often more constructive to ask about a current or ongoing issue.

For example: You can ask about trouble at work or relationship issues. Or about business, financial or credit problems. This tarot reading will give you insight into the origin of these problems as well as the future resolution. When asking about these issues, be mindful of the story the cards are telling you.

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Reading Tips for the "Past, Present & Future" Tarot Spread

Ask yourself: How do the cards in the reading relate to one another? Do the cards feature images of people? Do any of those people relate to actual people in your situation? Are there any thematic or symbolic connections between the cards? How does the card in the "past" position form a basis for the cards in the "present" or "future" positions?

The Past, Present & Future spread is arguably the most famous of all the basic 3-card tarot spreads, but there are many well-known variations including iFate's popular "Path Through Adversity" and "Simple Love Reading" tarot readings.

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