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Samhain is the ancient Fall holiday which celebrates the lives of our ancestors. On this beautiful day the worlds of the living and dead are brought close together.

The Samhain holiday, which occurs on the 31st of October, is the cultural predecessor to Halloween. It marks a phase when everything in the Universe is brought into a temporary state of flux and transition — and the veil between the worlds is lowered.

This simple Tarot reading which can be performed on our around Samhain, asks what things in our lives are in flux at this time? What's changing as the worlds of the living and dead come into momentary balance? What will the end result look like?

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Samhain" spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Samhain" Tarot Spread

It's important to remember that Samhain is a wildly transitional moment on the calendar. A time when worlds collide and anything is possible. At the same time, most of those wild changes are temporary.

We revel in the moment of flux and possibility — but we also take comfort in the temporary nature of most of these shifts.

Some changes may be lasting though. The final card in the Samhain Tarot spread points to these possible long-lasting effects — which may or may not be avoidable through your own actions.

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