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This is a curated list of tarot spreads that can be used for work and career insight. Not all spreads listed here are work-specific tarot spreads, but all of them can be applied to work-related or business-related questions. For non business or career-related readings, see the complete list of tarot spreads.

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Past, Present & Future
A 3-card tarot spread.
Past, Present & Future tarot reading
This very simple spread uses only 3 cards — each representing the past, present and future. The Past, Present & Future spread is one of the most common and versatile tarot spreads.


The Week Ahead
A 7-card tarot spread.
The Week Ahead tarot reading
Plan ahead for next week with this reading. You'll examine the forces, people and dynamics which will be important from Monday to Sunday.


Path Through Adversity
A 3-card tarot spread.
Path Through Adversity tarot reading
Are you facing a challenge? The Path Through Adversity tarot spread helps you find your way through the clouds to greener pastures ahead.


The Great House
A 6-card tarot spread.
The Great House tarot reading
The Great House, or La Grande Maison is an old French tarot spread which is very versatile. It is used to gain insight into conflicts and outcomes.


A 5-card tarot spread.
Money tarot reading
This easy tarot spread is perfect for getting insight into money, finances, debt and the path to personal sustainability.

Tips on Tarot Readings for Career Questions

FIrst the requisite legal notice, which bears repeating here: Nothing on this site constitutes career, legal, health or any other form of advice. This site is intended only for entertainment purposes.

Got that? Okay, now that we have that out of the way, on to tips for using career tarot spreads:

Jobs and careers are a constant source of stress for most people. Aside from the major stresses of new jobs and career changes, day-to-day work-related tensions and issues with bosses and co-workers are a common source of anxiety and loss of sleep.

tarot career reading

While many tarot readers rely on the "future" aspect of tarot readings, career-related tarot spreads and business readings are more likely to be tools for self-discovery, meditation and career-related insight. Often it's not the predictive capacity of cards that most important, but the insight and understanding that comes with reading tarot cards.

Classic tarot spreads like the Past Present & Future and Path Through Adversity spreads are easy to apply to these kinds of general career-related questions.

You can see all of iFate's tarot spreads here, or access them from iFate's free tarot reading page.

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