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ifate List of Future Tarot Spreads

Can tarot cards see the future? Every person who learns tarot has this question, but the answer depends on the reader — not on the deck of tarot cards.

Some tarot readers use tarot as a tool to divine the future. Others use tarot cards as a tool for self-discovery and analysis. How you use your tarot deck depends largely on what types of tarot spreads you use.

Below is a curated list of tarot spreads which reveal clues about tomorrow. If you're looking for different types of card layouts see iFate's complete list of tarot spreads.

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Past, Present & Future
A 3-card tarot spread.
Past, Present & Future tarot reading
This very simple spread uses only 3 cards — each representing the past, present and future. The Past, Present & Future spread is one of the most common and versatile tarot spreads.


The Week Ahead
A 7-card tarot spread.
The Week Ahead tarot reading
Plan ahead for next week with this reading. You'll examine the forces, people and dynamics which will be important from Monday to Sunday.


The Celtic Cross
A 10-card tarot spread.
The Celtic Cross tarot reading
The most famous tarot card spread of all, the 10-card Celtic Cross spread offers complex, versatile and insightful readings about a wide variety of subjects.


The Tree of Insight
A 10-card tarot spread.
The Tree of Insight tarot reading
This advanced 10-card spread is a modern take on the popular Tree of Life spread. This adaptation is useful for understanding complex, usually non-romantic issues.


Will My Ex Come Back?
A 4-card tarot spread.
Will My Ex Come Back? tarot reading
This easy spread offers insight and understanding into lost love — and answers questions about possibilities and potential.

Tips on Tarot Spread Future Readings

The first thing to remember when using Tarot as a divination tool to see the future is not to force your ideas of what the future might hold onto the cards.

The most important thing is to keep an open mind. Tarot spreads for future divination can be very powerful, but they generally don't behave "on command". Let the cards show you what they want to show you.

tarot spread future

And remember: It might not be what you want to see.

Also, keep in mind future readings can be interpreted in multiple ways. If you see something very negative in a future reading — remember that you have free will and you can change that destination. That negative reading might be the course you're currently on — but that doesn't mean you can't change course.

All future readings are just one possible (if not probable) future. But dont' panic! We all have free will and we have the power to look past any possible tarot spread future, and make our own future. The tarot may be sending you a warning, and not an unavoidable truth. Take the advice of the cards, and change direction if you don't like what you see. That future may also be an immediate future, or one possible long-term future. You always have the power to change what you see.

Lastly, remember that the true meaning of any card is often contained in subtle visual symbolism or in zodiac associations, seasonal associations or other esoteric card meanings. Remember that a negative card meaning can sometimes be positive from a different perspective. Pay close attention to the suit of the cards in the Minor Arcana. In Major Arcana cards, play close attention to any people represented there. What is their gender? What is their age? These subtle clues can offer many layers of additional meaning.

Classic tarot spreads like the Past Present & Future and Path Through Adversity spreads are easy to apply to these kinds of general career-related questions.

You can see all of iFate's tarot spreads here, or access them from iFate's free tarot reading page.

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