The "Tree of Insight" Tarot Reading

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How to Do A
"Tree of Insight"
Tarot Reading

Similar to the famous Tree of Life tarot reading, the Tree of Insight is perfect for complex questions requiring insight from multiple perspectives.

This spread is worth trying if you're looking for a newer, more modern take on the Tree of Life.. The Tree of Insight is an advanced 10-card reading recommended for experienced readers. It is typically used for insight into non-romantic issues.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Tree of Insight" spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Tree of Insight" Tarot Spread

As with the original Tree of Life tarot reading, it's important to understand the relationships between the cards in this spread.

  • Pay close attention to the the relationship between cards 5 and 6: Is there a relationship between Present and Future?

  • Also pay close attention to the first card and the last card. Are the aims and ideals in line with the core of the reading, at the root?

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