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How to Do A
"Week Ahead"
Tarot Reading

Despite being a 7-card tarot spread, the "Week Ahead" tarot reading (also called a "Next Week" tarot reading) is extremely easy for beginners to use. With each card representing 1 day of the week, it's also very easy to remember.

If you're doing this tarot spread on your own with your own tarot deck, you can actually start the week on any day. Some tarot readers prefer to start the spread on Sunday, ending on Saturday. The version used here is the more typical layout, with Monday being the first day on the top row — and all three "weekend days" (including Friday night) located on the second row of cards.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Week Ahead" or Next Week spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Week Ahead" Tarot Spread

As stated above, if you're doing this spread using your own tarot deck you can start on any day of the week. If you start on Monday or any other day, it's more common to lay the cards out in a single horizontal row, with the first card representing 'tomorrow'.

Using this method, you can also read any number of 'days ahead', and not just one week.

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