The "Witches' Halloween" Tarot Reading

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How to Do A
"Witches' Halloween"
Tarot Reading

Looking for a good Halloween Tarot reading? The Witches' Halloween Tarot (or "Witches' Broom Tarot") is an easy to interpret Tarot reading that asks for advice about romance, career and general outlook. The layout is easy to remember as it's shaped (more or less) like a witches' broom.

This 6-card Tarot reading is meant to be performed on All Hallow's Eve, or the evening of October 31st, but it's so good, it can also be performed on any other day of the year.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of each position in the "Witches' Halloween" spread:

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Reading Tips for the "Witches' Halloween" Tarot Spread

Most of the reading is self-explanatory, but card #5 can often seem confusing when it's a particularly negative Tarot card. In these cases, the negative card can be interpreted as "something that must be overcome before support can be reached".

If you're looking for a more serious spread which explores the deeper side of Halloween, you may also like iFate's original Samhain Tarot Spread which tips the hat to Halloween's ancient sister-holiday Samhain — practiced to this day in Ireland. For a more traditional Samhain Tarot reading, try the Samhain Ancestors Tarot Spread.

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