What Do Pathways and Roads Symbolize on Tarot Cards?

Pathways and roads show up on these Tarot cards:

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Pathways and Roads are an interesting and subtle Tarot symbol found on three different cards on the classic Rider-Waite Tarot artwork.

The same symbols may or may not make an appearance in all modern decks, but a large number of modern Tarot decks often feature variations of the same, well-known Rider-Waite Tarot iconography.

Here's What pathways and roads symbolize in Tarot

Pathways and roads in Tarot imagery may indicate a real-world trip or a journey, but often suggest a more internal or metaphysical voyage of some kind. In the second case, paths may reference a passage from one state of being to another, or from one emotion to another.

a more internal or metaphysical voyage of some kind

Paths and roads remind us that the Tarot, much like life itself, is a journey.

Our progress through life's journey, and through the story of the Tarot, is intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional. All journeys, both physical and metaphysical start with just one step — and all things exist in a state of change and movement.

The interpretation of the specific beginning-state and final destination of each road in the Tarot, depends on the specific card at hand.

Here Are the 3 Tarot Cards on Which Pathways and Roads Are Found

The Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles



The Moon

The Moon

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