What Do Pomegranates Symbolize on Tarot Cards?

Pomegranates appear on these Tarot cards:

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Pomegranates are a minor, but important symbol used on two individual cards in the classic Rider-Waite deck of Tarot cards.

The exact same symbols don't necesariliy appear in more modern decks, but many newer Tarot decks often feature variations of the same, well-known Rider-Waite symbols.

Here's What pomegranates symbolize in Tarot

Making an appearance on 2 Major Arcana cards featuring strong, prominent women, pomegranates are a reference to fertility and feminine energy.

a reference to fertility and feminine energy.

Rich with sweet seeds, a pomegranate is the ultimate symbol of procreation and lush, natural female beauty.

Here Are the Two Tarot Cards Where Pomegranates Can Be Found

The High Priestess

The High Priestess

The Empress

The Empress

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