What Do Pools of Water Symbolize on Tarot Cards?

Pools of water can be found on these Tarot cards:

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Pools of Water are a subtle but interesting Tarot symbol appearing on three individual cards in the seminal Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

The symbols don't necesariliy appear in all contemporary decks, but many newer Tarot sets do feature adaptations of the same, widely accepted Rider-Waite Tarot iconography.

Here's What a pool of water indicates in Tarot

More than streams, oceans or riverspools of water in classic Tarot imagery imply peaceful springs of spiritual energy.

pools of water in classic Tarot imagery imply peaceful springs of spiritual energy.

Accompanied by natural life, or manifestations of Divine power, pools of water often accompany positive messages of creative growth, rejuvenation and sustenance.

Here Are the Three Tarot Cards on Which Pools of Water Make an Appearance

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups



NOTE: The figure on the Temperance card has one foot in the pool of water, and one foot standing firmly on dry land. This duality symbolizes moderation and the Middle Path. The foot position also illustrates the virtues of displine and self-control.

The Star

The Star

NOTE: It's notable that the foot of the golden-haired nymph on the Star Tarot card doesn't actually go in the water. Instead, her foot rests upon on the surface of the pool, as if she's as ephemeral as starlight.

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