Can Numerology Explain Los Angeles, California?

About Los Angeles, California and its numerology

As numerologists, we love to analyze town and city names such as Los Angeles because the names of towns can help us to get an understanding of esoteric numerological frequencies affecting anyone living and working there.

With this quick post, we'll explore the numerological energies which resonate around Los Angeles and neighboring towns in California. We'll explore how the names of towns affect the life and work of residents.

Lastly, we'll also touch on the numerology of Los Angeles' zip code (90095 ). Numerologists believe these codes can affect your romantic-life, your existing relationship or your search for a romantic partner.

Using Numerology to Uncover the Occult Essence of
Los Angeles, California

Before we begin understanding the special energies which affect Los Angeles, CA, we will first break down the given name "Los Angeles" by using traditional numerology. This numerological process (as shown below) will produce a single, important number — which will in turn, clarify the numerological energy which defines Los Angeles, and will show how the town's aura influences the town's residents and those doing business there.

NOTE: If you'd like to you'd like a deeper understanding of the simple but fascinating practice of reducing a number numerologically, please read our quick explanation of distilling any town or city's name like Los Angeles, CA to one single- or double-digit numerological essence.

The numerology of the name "Los Angeles"

"los angeles"
reduces to the root number one
As illustrated in the image above, the 10-letter town name "Los Angeles" reduces to the primary numerological root of one — a remarkably individualistic number.

As a primary number in numerology, the number one cannot be reduced any more than this. This primary number is the most basic numerological energy of Los Angeles.

You can think of it as something like the numerological fingerprint of the town.

What 1 means in numerology

The number 1 according to numerologists is a powerful force for determination and creation. It is strong-willed, rebellious and filled with leadership qualities. The number 1's written shape represents its personality: It stands vertical, straight-up and unyeilding. It is a number of vision, unique indivdiualism and courageous spirit.

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How does the numerological root number 1
affect people living and working in Los Angeles?

So in what ways does the notably individualistic energy of the number one affect the overall feeling of this California town?

In short, the entire local municipality of Los Angeles shimmers with 1's sense of initiative, independence and creative energy.

In short, the entire local municipality of Los Angeles shimmers with 1's sense of initiative, independence and creative energy. From a beneficial standpoint, the root number of the town, is strong and self-reliant. More negatively though, the number 1 can occasionally be boastful and sometimes aggressive — so people may be affected for better or worse when working or living there.

Also, bear the following in mind about Los Angeles' root number 1: It's also a number which is bursting with deep strengths and decisive ability to make decisions. Strong leaders are often signified or linked with this number.

The extent to which Los Angeles' businesspeople and locals are affected by these wavelengths, or the degree by which they are affected by them, may come down to the perceptive nature of each person individually. Some individuals are better sensitized to the world around them than others — which can have both upsides and downsides.

Other Numerological Reductions Affecting Los Angeles

  • The state abbreviation "CA" reduces to 4
  • The longer word "California" reduces to 7
  • The combined words "Los Angeles, CA" reduce to 5
  • The combined words "Los Angeles, California" reduce to 5
  • Los Angeles' latitude coordinate of 34.07119 reduces to 7
  • Los Angeles' longitude coordinate of -118.44335 reduces to 1

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Dating and Finding True Love in Los Angeles, CA

According to numerologists, zip codes like 90095 are seen as exerting a minor, but still slightly perceptible force on relationships and marriages.

Keep in mind that the effects of Los Angeles' single zip code can be mistaken for natural personality traits of either of the partners in the relationship, but may in fact be the result of time spent in the zipcode itself.

Let's take a minute to review numerology and zip codes in general...

Why does Los Angeles' zip code matter??

Why zipcodes at all? Aren't postal codes like 90095 just randomly assigned? The most basic answer is that in numerology, there are no boring numbers. A zip code circumscribes a specific area — an area which is in many cases much smaller than the town overall.

A more nuanced answer is: Numerology experts are somewhat divided over the subject of whether one should analyze zip codes for measuring dating-potential within towns and cities. While nearly everyone agrees that zip-codes like 90095, moreso than town names at least, can often be relatively good clues to status, wealth and other factors (This can be particularly true in big cities), a single zip code can in other cases be a jumble of a few different neighborhoods of different lifestyles, cultures and income levels.

In other words, if you're looking for a new relationship in Los Angeles, or you're already settled down in a long relationship, how much relevance you allocate to the numerological influence of a postal code, is your choice.

With that out of the way, here we'll touch on the single zipcode associated with Los Angeles, CA and how, according to numerologists, a zip code can have a subtle influence over your romantic outlook.

What's the love and romance outlook in Los Angeles, CA's single zip code

Zip CodeNumerologically Important Relationship Issues
(While in the Zip Code)
Zip code 90095 reduces to: 5
Romantic relationships in the 90095 zip code may be especially influenced by either the presence or lack of mutability, curiosity, change and freedom in one or both partners in a relationship — while in the area.*
Read more about the number 5 in numerology.

So what does this mean? The above zipcode reduction indicates that local relationship issues involving mutability, curiosity, change and freedom will have a bigger impact than normal — for better or worse.

For numerology fans who are rolling the dice on the dating situation in Los Angeles, or for those who are using Internet dating sites like Tinder, or another online dating site — If you're finding a negative common theme with a specific neighborhood or area, consider the possibility that the numerological wavelengths may be exerting an effect on your partners and potential matches. If you're still seeking your perfect match you might want to consider the slightly different influences of towns adjacent to Los Angeles and how they may affect you.

The Numerological Energies of other California Towns Neighboring Los Angeles

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