Yes or No Tarot Reading

What is a Yes or No Tarot Reading?

Welcome to iFate's "Yes or No" free tarot readings.

A "Yes or No" tarot reading is a simplified reading which seeks to answer a Yes or No question by drawing a single tarot card from the deck.

yes or no tarot reading

In order to reach a simple Yes or No instant answer, each card is assigned a positive or negative meaning.

Distilling each card in the tarot deck down to a simple "yes" or a "no" interpretation can be difficult, as many cards are far more nuanced than a mere positive or negative interpretation — and many cards can be either positive and negative, depending on the situation or the question being asked.

Yes, No ...and Maybe

In cases where a tarot card has widely varying meanings, accurate answers are generally not possible without a more advanced tarot spread. In these cases, iFate's Yes or No tarot card reading takes the middle-path of a "Maybe" answer.

Keep in mind that Yes or No readings are intended for quick answers to simple, specific questions. If you need more nuanced advice, or if you're getting a lot of "maybe" responses to your tarot questions — it's probably time to try a more complex tarot spread and a more in-depth free tarot reading.

Most tarot readers suggest using simple Yes/No readings for simple day-to-day issues. Using a 1-card tarot reading like this to ask deep questions about one's life-path, the universe or one's ultimate destiny is not likely to lead precise answers. Those sorts of questions are what complicated tarot spreads are for.

How to Get the Best Responses From a Yes or No Tarot Reading

The best responses come from simple Yes or No questions with no ambiguity. Try to keep your questions short and to the point.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the meanings of each card. The complete tarot card meanings can often offer clues which add depth to a simple "yes" or "no" tarot answer.

Keep in mind that during a Yes or No reading, there are no reversed cards. All cards are read in the upright position. If you're still learning tarot cards, this type of reading with simple answers and no reversed cards is excellent for practicing.

Is it Necessary to Shuffle the Cards?

A common question we get is: Do I really need to shuffle the cards in an online reading?

While it may feel like shuffling the tarot cards is just a nice looking animation, the reality is that it's an important part of randomizing the sequence of tarot cards.

iFate's innovative shuffle technology actually creates a personalized shuffle randomization based on the number of times a user clicks &emdash; and more importantly, the amount of time in between each shuffle click.

This unique shuffle approach means each user's interaction with the deck is actually affecting the sequence of the cards -- as would happen when a tarot reader uses a real tarot card deck.

Of course, you don't need to shuffle the cards if you don't want to &emdash; and you can let the timer run out on its own.

True or False Tarot Readings

The Yes or No tarot reading above can also be used for "True or False" tarot answers. In true or false questions, simply substitute the "Yes" answer for a true reponse, and a "No" answer for a false response.

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